We, iwp Consulting Group AG, based in Overath near Cologne, help young companies and innovative ideas to grow successfully. To this end, we develop business management and sales solutions for our clients and partners - regardless of whether they are start-ups or already established company.

As consultants and service providers, we use our years of experience to develop custom-fit and efficient approaches for every scenario - with our own experts, many external specialists, and a network of over 50 partner companies. In this way, we offer a scalable and wide range of solutions. Everything from a single source.


For us, being a facilitator means: making things possible. Depending on the individual case, we support our clients as consultants, business developers or active investors.


Start-up support

We support young companies and pass on our know-how to them. With special compensation models adapted to the needs of young companies, we help them to grow economically healthy, strengthened with experience.


Advisory Board

We are flexible, also in terms of the models with which our partners work with us. With us as members of their advisory board, they benefit from our network, our industry experience and, most importantly, through regular sparring.


Business analysis

Sometimes an expert view from the outside is necessary, also to sharpen your own perspective. We offer goal-oriented status quo analyses, audits or expert opinions from proven experts.




Being a facilitator is core to our DNA – for any size of company. “Facilitate” means “to make possible.” This is true for us. Depending on the individual case, we are an investment partner, business developer and/or active investor. Our focus and expertise are in the areas of renewable energy, waste management, alternative mobility and IT. In close cooperation with universities, private research institutes, innovative manufacturers and plant constructors, we have already been able to acquire in-depth knowledge in these areas over the past years.

Start-up support

Innovation and experience benefit from each other. We are happy to pass on our knowledge to younger generations. Through our networks in the most diverse areas, we quickly and reliably establish access and trust. This significantly increases the chances of success and the implementation of new business ideas. Together we complement each other. A perfect interplay of disruptive entrepreneurial spirit and profound know-how: The full range of how to develop companies from scratch is available to you right from the start. In this way, you grow successfully and avoid reaching your limits at an early stage.

Advisory board activities

For us, being flexible does not only mean permanently familiarizing ourselves with new business challenges, but also being open to different cooperation models with the project partner. We are happy to take on advisory board mandates in companies that we support. This creates a high degree of external trust, for example with investors, customers and suppliers. Another advantage is that we support our partners holistically, rather than just on a specific completed problem. By being advisory board members, we have a view of the entire company for an open period and can be approached and involved flexibly as sparring partners.

Business analyses

In some economic situations, a comprehensive status quo analysis of the entire company or a specific area is necessary. Here we set in our service spectrum with audits, quality checks and expert’s work in the most different areas of your company, such as HR, IT or corporate communications. With many years of practical experience, our numerous experts can determine a sound impression and provide them with an external view of your situation. Once the status quo has been professionally analyzed and potentials identified, we can then work together to implement them.

Current projects

Reducing global CO2 emissions is close to our hearts and has become an increasing focus of our work over the past decade. This is reflected in our current projects. Our goal is to contribute to the creation of an energy transition and decarbonization of the environment that also makes sense from an economic point of view. This includes building the infrastructure needed for this in Europe.

Less carbon footprint thanks to e-methanol

We see great prospects in biologically or synthetically produced fuels. They are produced 100 % from renewable energy sources and CO2 from technical capture. They are therefore CO2 neutral. The separation from the air is even positive. In addition to their use as fuels, they also serve to replace fossil raw materials and their downstream products in the chemical industry. We are actively working with professional technology partners and suppliers in an ongoing project to produce and market bio- and e-methanol to establish an infrastructure for the production of e-fuels for industrial use.

Wind turbines in miniature

When people think of generating energy from wind, they usually have images of giant wind turbines in their minds. The young company Mowea, which we support in our capacity as members of the advisory board, proves that it can be done differently. Mowea – the name stands for the German term “Modulare Windkraftanlagen“ (in English “Modular Wind Turbines”) and literally says it all: The spin-off from the Technical University of Berlin has developed an innovative system that works according to the Lego principle. The technology enables a flexible and decentralized energy supply in urban areas and for the industry of tomorrow – demand-oriented, efficient and cost-effective. In the role of members of the advisory board, we support the start-up as a sparring partner in their phase of rapid growth in all entrepreneurial issues.

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